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Chico is ready to come out and play, make tails wag and have students barking in the classroom! Bring the classroom to life with a Chico visit as he plays games, teaches lessons, and more!

For information, please contact Chico at [email protected]!


The Red Ribbon presentation features Chico and a presenter and promotes healthy and drug-free lifestyles. The red ribbon symbolizes the commitment to a drug-free life and this presentation lays out how negative choices with drugs and alcohol can impact a student’s future. Through this presentation of awareness and action, the program emphasizes the importance of informed choices, positive peer pressure, and a supportive community. The program includes interactive games in the presentation to make a positive impact on the youth and persuade them to make positive decisions in the future with a fun and upbeat presentation.


The Anti-Bullying campaign features Chico and a presenter and focuses on creating a safe and respectful environment for everyone, especially students, in schools. The aim of the program is to educate students on the different types of bullying and eliminate bullying in schools. Chico and his team provide students with effective ways on what to do if they see bullying happen and to prevent more occurrences. Chico and the presenter look to spread awareness and work to ensure that everyone feels valued and respected.


The STARR Program motivates students and encourages them to perform well on their STARR exams. During this presentation, Chico and the presenter go over some test taking strategies to perform well on the exam, while also stressing the importance of healthy habits to help prepare each student both mentally and physically.


The Reading Program is a fun reading experience geared for younger ages (pre-Kinder through Second Grade). The presentation starts with the presenter reading one of Chico’s favorite books “Chico Goes to the Baseball Game” as Chico, along with volunteers from the assembly, act out the book in a live narration. The Reading Program includes interactive games with the students such as “Chico Chico Goose” or "Chico Says" and concludes with a reading presentation that includes pictures and an arts & crafts activity.